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PW Eagle Ultra-Rib

Ultra-Rib (download pdf) ribbed PVC Sewer and Storm Drain pipe meets ASTM F794 and is available in sizes: 8", 10", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 27" and 30". Ultra-Rib brings to the marketplace a cost effective, high quality sewer and drain pipe system.

Ultra-Rib (en espaņol)

Ultra-Rib Features and Benefits

Ultra-Rib offers the user a pipe having a seamless, uniform, cross-sectional wall; radial ribs which are perpendicular to the axis of the pipe; and a smooth interior for excellent flow characteristics. Ultra-Rib's design enables it to resist earth and impact loads normally associated with sewer and drain pipe installation. The outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance of Ultra-Rib, along with an integral bell and rubber gasket joint, make it an excellent choice for sanitary sewer systems and other drainage applications.

  • Easy to Identify as Listed with SBCCI

    Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc.

  • Easy to Handle
    30" weighs only 35.5 lbs/ft (less than 462 lbs/length)
    8" weighs only 2.48 lbs/ft (less than 33 lbs/length)

  • Easy to Assemble
    Bar & block
    Push together bell and spigot joint

  • Easy to Install
    13' lengths
    Same bedding requirements as smootwall SDR 35 PVC pipe
    Less bedding requirements than most PE pipe

  • Easy to Field Cut
    Hand saw, no beveling required, no channels to fill
    Ribs offer a guide, no spirals or seams, no belts or multiple measurements required

  • Easy to Tap
    In-line fitting, same saddle as SDR 35 or Inserta-Tee
    Extra thick, slotted gasket for positive, sure grip and seal

  • Easy to Adapt
    No special tools
    Complete line of standard fittings
    Will "anchor" to structures

  • Easy to Move Gasket if Desired
    Position between any ribs along barrel

  • Easy to Find the Right Depth of Burial
    From one foot (even under a flexible road) to 100 feet

  • Easy to Size Down or Improve Flow on Lines
    Smooth interior (Mannings n=.009

  • Easy to Find the Right Size for Your Project
    Diameters available in 8", 10", 12", 15", 18", 21", 24", 27" and 30"

  • Easy to Choose with Worldwide Acceptance
    Growing state highway department critical use
    Specified by AASHTO M304-91I and section 18 of the Bridge Design Specification
    Specified by the US Army Corps of Engineers, Sewer & Drain
    Over 27 million feet installed throughout the US

  • Easy to Test
    Tight joints (sames as SDR 35 PVC pipe)
    Extra stiffness (most sizes 30% stiffer than SDR 35 PVC pipe)
    Same high impact resistance as smooth wall SDR 35 PVC pipe)

  • Easy to Justify
    Higher strength to weight ratio results in more strength at less expense than conventional PVC

  • Easy to Specify with Confidence
    ASTM F794, seamless PVC pipe
    Meets or exceeds all performance requirements of D3034 SDR 35
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